Peer Review Process

At Sustainable Trends and Business Research (STBR), our review process is meticulously designed to ensure the academic quality and rigor of the scholarly submissions we receive. Here's an overview of our review process:

Double-Blind Review Policy

All submissions to STBR undergo a rigorous double-blind review process. This means that the identities of both the reviewers and the authors are kept confidential from each other to ensure an impartial evaluation and to prevent any potential conflicts of interest.

Duration of Review and Publication

We understand the importance of timely publication while maintaining high standards of quality. Upon submission, each paper undergoes an initial desk review by our chief editor or assigned editorial board members. This process typically takes 15-20 days, during which we assess the paper's suitability for publication, including its similarity score and alignment with our journal's scope. Authors receive notification of the initial screening outcome within approximately one month.

Papers that pass the initial screening proceed to the next stage, which involves peer review by two experienced academics in the relevant research area. These reviewers evaluate various aspects of the paper, such as its originality, contribution, coherence of arguments, and references cited. This stage usually takes an additional 30-45 days. Review reports are then shared with the authors, along with a conditional acceptance letter that outlines any required revisions.

Once the authors address the reviewers' comments and submit the revised manuscript, it undergoes copy editing to ensure clarity, accuracy, and consistency. Authors are requested to provide the proofread and edited copy within 15-25 Days. Upon final approval, the paper is prepared for publication, with the option for early online access before the official hard copy publication.

Editorial Role in the Review Process and Conflict of Interest Policy

To maintain the integrity and impartiality of the review process, papers are assigned to external reviewers who are experts in the relevant field and independent of the editorial board. Editorial board members may recommend potential reviewers but do not participate directly in the review process to avoid conflicts of interest.

Guidelines for Reviewers

Reviewers play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and credibility of our journal. We adhere to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC-Pakistan) guidelines to maintain fairness, impartiality, and timeliness in the review process. Reviewers are expected to provide constructive feedback that helps authors improve their manuscripts.

Reviewers should evaluate the manuscript based on its importance, originality, clarity, validity, and relevance to our journal's scope. Specific criteria for reviewers include:

  • Objectivity, professionalism, and confidentiality in their assessment
  • Avoidance of personal criticism and conflicts of interest
  • Compliance with journal guidelines and standards
  • Identification of any potential research or publication misconduct

We greatly appreciate the time and effort reviewers invest in the peer review process, which is essential for maintaining the quality and credibility of our journal. Thank you for your dedication to advancing scholarly discourse in Sustainable Trends and Business Research.

HEC Pakistan and COPE's Codes of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Academic Publishing.

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COPE - Journal Publishers
COPE - Review Guidelines
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