Aims and Scope

Sustainable Trends and Business Research (STBR) is a bi-annual journal published by ResearchApt, dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation in sustainable business practices.

STBR Mission Statement

Sustainable Trends and Business Research (STBR) serves as a distinguished platform dedicated to advancing the understanding and implementation of sustainable practices within the business sphere. Our mission is to foster collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to explore, develop, and disseminate innovative strategies that drive sustainability and societal impact in business and management. Rooted in principles of integrity and excellence, STBR aims to pioneer interdisciplinary dialogue, promote cutting-edge research, and shape a sustainable future for global enterprises.

STBR Distinctive Features

Multidisciplinary Engagement: STBR facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration, welcoming diverse perspectives from academia, industry, and beyond. By bridging disciplinary boundaries, we address complex challenges and opportunities in sustainable business practices.

Cutting-edge Research: STBR is committed to publishing original, rigorous research that offers novel insights and practical solutions to pressing issues in sustainable business models, strategies, and practices. STBR focus spans a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from sustainable practices to business sustainability.

Global Reach: With a commitment to inclusivity and global collaboration, STBR strives to amplify the voices of researchers worldwide. By facilitating cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, we enrich our understanding of regional nuances and global trends in sustainable business practices.

Promoting Innovation: STBR encourages innovative approaches to sustainable business, social entrepreneurship, and environmental conservation. Through creativity and experimentation, we drive meaningful impact and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Empowering Stakeholders: Through open-access publishing, STBR democratizes access to knowledge, empowering stakeholders from academia, industry, policymaking, and civil society to engage with cutting-edge research and contribute to informed decision-making.

STBR Focus Areas and Research Themes

STBR welcomes contributions across a spectrum of topics encompassing both established and emerging areas within the field of business, commerce and management sciences. Key thematic areas include:

  • Sustainable Business Models and Strategies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
  • Environmental Sustainability and Conservation
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Sustainable Finance and Investment
  • Green Technology and Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Circular Economy and Resource Management
  • Impact Assessment and Measurement
  • Leadership in Sustainable Organizations
  • Accounting and Management Accountability
  • Emerging Trends in Sustainable Business Practices
  • Business Strategies for Sustainability
  • Environmental Practices in Business Operations


Our Commitment at STBR

At STBR, we uphold the highest standards of academic rigor, editorial integrity, and scholarly excellence. Through a rigorous peer-review process, transparent editorial policies, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, we elevate the quality and impact of research in sustainable business and management, driving progress towards a more equitable, resilient, and sustainable future for all.