About the Publisher

Sustainable Trends and Business Research (STBR) is proudly published by ResearchApt (SMC-Private) Limited, a registered entity with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. ResearchApt is driven by a profound commitment to research and development, with a primary objective of supporting young researchers and scholars in their academic pursuits. As part of its mission, ResearchApt facilitates consultancy services and data analysis, empowering researchers to conduct thorough and impactful studies. Additionally, ResearchApt offers free training workshops aimed at enhancing research skills and fostering a culture of excellence in academia and business practices.

In 2023, ResearchApt embarked on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by introducing STBR as voluntary work. This initiative reflects ResearchApt dedication to making a meaningful impact in both academia and society by providing a platform for high-quality research dissemination. Through STBR, ResearchApt aims to elevate the standards of scholarly discourse and contribute to positive advancements in various fields of research, thereby enriching the lives of researchers, practitioners, and society as a whole.

Join ResearchApt in making the mission of STBR a resounding success. Together, let's pioneer the path to impactful research and positive change.